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The first and only Khmer cocktails class in Siem Reap

Learn how to prepare Khmer cocktails with a mixture of spirits, sweet/sugary and sour/bitter ingredients


 Duration: 90 minutes + drinks

Start: 6.00 pm  daily in English (other timing can be arrange)

Cost: USD 15 per person

  • Step 1:Discover various Khmer spices, roots, herbs and sugars. Test the Sombai’s infused cambodian liquor for cocktails
  • Step 2: Learn to create 3 khmer cocktails you are interested in from the list (Ginger Mojito, Tamarind Sauce, Little Sweet, Asana Sling, Coco Russian, The Lane…)
  • Step 3: Get inspired and create your own Khmer cocktail with roots, herbs or infused Cambodian liquor.


092 987 801


Asana Old Wooden House is the unique traditional house still  existing in the Old Market district. Only a few steps away from the  Pub Street, the house has been transformed to a cocktail bar offering a typical small bites menu. Whether you are in the garden, inside or under the house, Asana is a charming and calm spot to be discovered in Siem Reap.

For more details on the way the class works, you can refer to the article published in :

or Siem reap post:



2 thoughts on “The first and only Khmer cocktails class in Siem Reap”

    1. Hi James,

      Starting time is flexible in the afternoon. Most of the time it starts around 5pm, but it could be earlier our later depending on your needs and your booking.
      You will learn about traditional herbs & spices in Cambodia and how to make 3 special Khmer cocktails. The class last 90 minutes and costs $15.


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